Huawei has a similar option called Scrollshot, LG offers an Extended option, and OnePlus has Expanded Screenshot. There’s also a share button next to the copy tool, which you click on to bring up a small window. This window will have options to share the image through an app, What is a Windows driver? like your email app, and through nearby sharing if the device you want to send the image to has its Bluetooth on.

  • I am finding it to be very helpful in this current lock-down situation due to COVID-19.
  • Simply position your mouse to the corner of the area you’d like to capture, click it, hold and drag until the entire area is selected then let go.
  • Microsoft outlines several steps admins can take to resolve these types of errors.
  • If yours doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can always use a Bluetooth adapter.

You can also find actions here that capture the screen after three seconds or ten seconds. Use your mouse to control the snipping tool and select the area on your screen you wish to capture. CloudApp lets you capture screenshots in seconds, and then edit and share almost instantly, allowing you and your team to visually communicate with ease. If you click on the notification, it will open the screenshot into the Snip and Sketch program and give you a few options for editing it.

Fix: Bluetooth Missing and Disappeared on Windows 10

It generates a shareable link that you can give your friends or embed into your website. This easy-to-use screen recording app is suitable for pretty much anyone. Whether you want to film instructional materials or record gameplay, this tool is definitely worth a shot because it can record your screen, camera, or both at the same time. OBS Studio is an open source software for video recording and live streaming. If you’d like to record your screen with more advanced tools that are still free, check out our list of the best screen recording tools.

OEM drivers are handpicked and include customized features and solutions to platform-specific issues. The generic Intel driver provides users the latest and greatest feature enhancements and bug fixes that OEMs may not have customized yet to address platform-specific needs. Users can check for matching OEM versions at OEM websites. Per Microsoft’s FAQ, Windows 11 is a free upgrade for Windows 10 PCs that are running the most current version of the operating system, and meet the minimum hardware specifications. That latter part was met with a ton of controversy, although there are ways to skip over TPM requirements. It’s time to configure “use incremental updates” for the SCCM collection for Windows 11 upgrade compatible devices.

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Windows will also automatically search for the correct Bluetooth driver on your computer and reinstall it. You might wonder, “Why is There No Bluetooth on My PC? ” Fortunately, there are several ways to fix this problem, and luckily, they all involve a few simple steps. First, you need to open the “Run” menu by pressing the “Windows” key and typing “R.” Next, open the “Services” window. In the “General” tab, find the Bluetooth support service and select it.

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In short, updating to Windows 11 means a more snappy experience where apps load faster and your PC wakes from sleep with ease. Windows 10 fast, but Windows 11 is just a bit faster. In addition, since the Edge browser is the browser of choice in Windows 11, if you end up using it, you should see additional performance benefits over using the browser in Windows 10. Per Microsoft, with the sleeping tabs feature, you can save 32% for memory and 37% for CPU usage.