And Mommy (Loni Anderson) is in love which have a great sleazy research doc (Andrew Stevens)

No family unit members. The university sucks. Rather bleak. That’s exactly how lifetime appears so you can ten-year-old Gage (Jaime McEnnan) when out of the blue, on the their community parent new phenomenal Munchie (Dom DeLuise). Munchie ‘s the ever before-starving and you may entertaining strange creature regarding other world whom delivers traveling pizzas and you may brings to your parties! By using Munchie and loony Professor Cruikshank (Arte Johnson), Gage evens the fresh new score toward their school’s bullies as well as their mother’s boyfriend and also the most effective summer actually!

Common reviews

Child that’s you to fat, clumsy and dopey Munchie. Why does the guy look like one to? And exactly why really does the guy cam that way? Actually which a kids’ flick? Why is Munchie therefore terrifying? Rating your of me! How come their eyes do that? Where are the guy in reality lookin? Just who let this material close to the youngsters?? Why does the guy look like a great 1983 bankrupt down Chucky Parmesan cheese robot?? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Jim Wynorski sequelploitation extraordinaire observe right up Munchies with a film one to has actually a completely other character and you may aura but of course it is seeking to make the most of the fresh new cashless Munchies ?? Jimmy you so cray. And kind out-of a wizard? After all here is the child which led Chopping Shopping center, 976…

The newest Munchie man are an awesome question. Munchie conserves me personally from my personal hang-over. Munchie does not legal me. Munchie provides exactlyyyyyy the thing i you desire immediately following a late night of enjoying trashy clips. He will bring myself that have many childish garbage. Childish adultish garbage. Dude will get myself. Dude Can Twist A pizza pie And you will Zero It From Heavens! Upload among those pizzas straight into my throat Munchie! Zero anchovies ma guy!

Pure shenanigans a countless Muchie is a good wonderous tale of a good sexy large big headed alien one sets with a little dweeb. Munchies purpose? To turn said dweeb out-of a zero so you’re able to a hero! The next Mucnhie busts with the world singing tell you music and you can dance surrounding you…

i am having fun considering the simple fact that all unhorny boys (the only people i realize) on this web site know andrew stevens regarding munchie rather than from both million erotic thrillers he did with this exact same months!! it actually was a shock on my system to witness your completely dressed, i must recognize!


This is certainly Virtually A knowledgeable Flick Ever produced, I didn’t Think MUNCHIES Are Gonna be TOPPED And i Is A fool. Their Like Better off Dead And you can Age.T Got An infant.

I don’t believe that Dom Delouise plus the man just who starred Gage possess ever before experienced the same space along with her, not to mention actually came across.Actually, I would put cash on Dom tape the complete program to possess Munchie in 1 hour when you look at the a recording facility, he doesn’t say a single range in this motion picture instance several other human beings can be obtained.

Fundamentally had to watching it within one to Cry Warehouse double-feature blu-ray that have Munchies. I might state these are generally similarly fun although Munchies is far more out-of a zany comedy, this option was a weird «so incredibly bad it is a good» babies flick.

Basic put-up: Gage ‘s the brand new son at school, a failure at mathematics, bullied of the several blond dickheads, and you can furious crushing towards a young Jennifer Like Hewitt. His mother is even dating a creep that is planning to pop music practical question. After that Munchie goes into the his lifetime and states: «I am going to assist you with all these dilemmas, you just have to observe due to the fact my personal mouth area constantly flaps discover as if I’m talking whenever I am actually not to imply something at…

Munchie’s finish means Gage’s Mom (Lonnie Anderson) and you may Jennifer Love Hewitt’s father (Jay Richardson) was basically gonna hook up in the bottom, thus yeah, Jennifer Like Hewitt is becoming their action aunt, no hassle right here. For eighties scrap fans, Munchie brings a cornucopia out-of familiar confronts. If you’re at that time, it may were director Jim Wynorski giving his family an simple hookup culture Augusta pay-day, they now gets audiences you know, endless amusement? Really because a child We never ever had this new attractiveness of Lonnie Anderson with the WKRP, however, no more, dammit, not any longer. (unfortunate wank) (that’s an unfortunate Twitter joke and you will I am over you to, sluts?))!

Oh my personal goodness. The new birth of significantly more than range. The latest long develop. Your camera reduced drifting on more youthful and you may nerdy Jamie McEnnan. Audio of Munchie’s current prank playing over the school speakers. McEnnan shakes his lead already visually interacting the latest range he is on the to send together with his facial phrase. A stressed smile toward his face. Up coming, their mouth opens up also it goes.

That moment by yourself produces Munchie needed viewing for everybody into the globe. But it’s maybe not the actual only real need to see this pizza-encrusted stop by at stupid hell. What about Loni Anderson playing an inappropriately-sexy-for-a-kid’s-motion picture mum demonstrably carrying out enough future sexual hang-ups for her guy? On…

munchie has actually much lore. guy was absolutely such as for instance thousands of years old. munchie feels as though a mythical being being represented throughout these pieces of dated art. munchie conceived the car. munchie states the guy came up with romeo and juliet or any type of shakespeare play they were preforming. munchie have most likely caused countless the fresh new planet’s terrible catastrophes. munchie has been the new author of one’s market for everybody we understand. munchie can potentially end the nation if the the guy wanted to but he’s going to not since the guy likes to party and perhaps kill anybody on the airline carriers