And Mommy (Loni Anderson) is in love which have a great sleazy research doc (Andrew Stevens)

And Mommy (Loni Anderson) is in love which have a great sleazy research doc (Andrew Stevens)

No family unit members. The university sucks. Rather bleak. That’s exactly how lifetime appears so you can ten-year-old Gage (Jaime McEnnan) when out of the blue, on the their community parent new phenomenal Munchie (Dom DeLuise). Munchie ‘s the ever before-starving and you may entertaining strange creature regarding other world whom delivers traveling pizzas and you may brings to your parties! By using Munchie and loony Professor Cruikshank (Arte Johnson), Gage evens the fresh new score toward their school’s bullies as well as their mother’s boyfriend and also the most effective summer actually!

Common reviews

Child that’s you to fat, clumsy and dopey Munchie. Why does the guy look like one to? And exactly why really does the guy cam that way? Actually which a kids’ flick? Why is Munchie therefore terrifying? Rating your of me! How come their eyes do that? Where are the guy in reality lookin? Just who let this material close to the youngsters?? Why does the guy look like a great 1983 bankrupt down Chucky Parmesan cheese robot?? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Jim Wynorski sequelploitation extraordinaire observe right up Munchies with a film one to has actually a completely other character and you may aura but of course it is seeking to make the most of the fresh new cashless Munchies ?? Jimmy you so cray. And kind out-of a wizard? After all here is the child which led Chopping Shopping center, 976…

The newest Munchie man are an awesome question. Munchie conserves me personally from my personal hang-over. Munchie does not legal me. Munchie provides exactlyyyyyy the thing i you desire immediately following a late night of enjoying trashy clips. He will bring myself that have many childish garbage. Childish adultish garbage. Dude will get myself. Dude Can Twist A pizza pie And you will Zero It From Heavens! Upload among those pizzas straight into my throat Munchie! Zero anchovies ma guy!

Pure shenanigans a countless Muchie is a good wonderous tale of a good sexy large big headed alien one sets with a little dweeb. (más…)